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Being able to work together has always been a blessing and a luxury for Michael and Cathy Maloney. They have been working together ever since they got married many, many years ago and they love it! It brings a whole new meaning to being partners for life and it's amazing the business chemistry and personal chemistry that they have. They are still very sweet together and continue to do a lot of activities together including going cycling together and enjoying the television on their off days.

Michael and Cathy are also blessed to be able to work from home sometimes. Being business owners, they've successfully set up a thriving self storage company in the Gold Coast area in Queensland, Australia. This is actually the second big brand franchise that they've set up, and this time around, they are determined to make it work for the long haul!

They are no strangers to hard work, in their previous retail business, they worked long hours 7 days a week and they know that in order for their efforts to come to fruition a few years down the road, they need to put in all they can now so that things can work.

The Supercheap Storage system is pretty simple - you get to choose the services that you want and need and you only need to pay for exactly that! No hidden costs, no surprises on your final bill, we'll discuss everything and advise you with as much detail as possible so you know exactly what you need to do. And for what you need to do, we'll be happy to provide you advice, tips and tricks for that too!

Supercheap Storage has several options available for you when it comes to our quality service. You can choose how much help you need on moving day. Our team of AFRA (Australia Furniture Remover's Association) trained removalists are ready to help you pack, load and transport your items from whatever location you are at right to our facilities. But you can also have any mixture of these services as you see fit!

We know that our Supercheap Storage Gold Coast facilities will stand the test of time, and with Michael and Cathy heading our teams, we obviously have some experienced heads at the helm. At the same time, we can offer you packages that span decades and more if you need us to hold your items for that long. If you need the space for not quite so long, our contracts are one of the shortest in the industry at a minimum of a month!

And even when there's a situation where the period is shorter than that, we always put our customers first. Do give us notice as long as possible (1-2 weeks) so that we can ensure your things are ready for you to go when you need them - we'll be happy to assist you with returning the money back for the unused portion of the contract. You truly only pay for what you use - that's Supercheap Storage at its finest!

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